Funding Assistance

For Low-Income Families

Funding Assistance


The City of Terrace assists agencies in administering funding assistance programs for low-income families.

These funding programs are available for low-income families who want to put their children into sports (soccer, hockey, softball, etc) or recreation programs such as preschool classes or swimming.


Up to $300 is available to children 6–18 years of age to pay for sport registration fee.

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Please forward completed forms to the Sportsplex Administration Office.


Up to $300 is available for children 4–18 years of age to pay for sport or recreation registration, equipment, or transportation.




Adults & Families

Leisure Access Program is a City of Terrace program that enables individuals and families who are on social assistance from the Ministry of Employment & Income Assistance or CPP benefits from Service Canada.

The Leisure Access Program is a discounted admissions program and will permit access to public swimming, public skating, weight room, and drop-in fitness at a cost of $2.00 for adults and $1.00 for children. Leisure Access Cards are valid for six months for Income Assistance and one year for Disability Assistance.

Service BC will provide individuals who qualify with a stamped HR0095 Release of Personal Information form. Please bring completed form to Terrace & District Aquatic Centre or Terrace Sportsplex to receive your Leisure Access Card.