Funding Assistance

For Low-Income Families

Funding Assistance


The City of Terrace assists agencies in administering funding assistance programs for low-income families.

These funding programs are available for low-income families who want to put their children into sports (soccer, hockey, softball, etc) or recreation programs such as preschool classes or swimming.


Up to $300 is available to children 6–18 years of age to pay for sport registration fee.

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Please forward completed forms to the Sportsplex Administration Office.


Up to $300 is available for children 4–18 years of age to pay for sport or recreation registration, equipment, or transportation.




Adults & Families

Leisure Access Program

The City of Terrace offers the Leisure Access Card Program to individuals and families who are financially disadvantaged and receiving financial assistance from one of the following provincial or federal programs: 

Ministry of Employment and Income Assistance:

  • Regular Income Assistance Benefits (must be renewed every six (6) months)
  • Persons with Disabilities (PWD) (must be renewed annually)
  • Persons with Persistent and Multiple Barriers (PPMB) (must be renewed annually)

Employment and Social Development Canada:

  • Canada Pension Plan Disability (CPPD) (must be renewed every six (6) months)

Persons who qualify for the Leisure Access Card Program will be issued a card indicating their eligibility for the program. This card will provide patrons access to the pool and gym for $2.00 per adult and $1.00 per child per visit. Persons receiving Income Assistance Benefits may receive a card for themselves and any dependent children living in the household. Patrons may purchase a 10-visit swim and skate membership.