Street Sweeping

Street Sweeping

After a winter season using gravel and sand to improve traction on icy or snowy roads, our streets accrue a lot of debris. As soon as weather permits, we complete a full round of street sweeping across all city streets. Learn about the process below.


May 18, 2022: Each year, Public Works rotates which area of town gets swept first. This year, we started on the Bench and worked south, moving to the Horseshoe second and Southside third. Currently, we are just finishing up on the Southside on Keith, so it should be a couple more days and winter sweeping will be finished. Our sidewalk machine was out of service briefly but is now up and running again, so our sidewalks are finally getting some attention.

Once these tasks are completed, we will be doing the hills and then starting all over again with our second pass on all streets, which will likely start back up on the Bench, continuing through the Horseshoe and Southside over the next several weeks.

Our spring cleanup street sweeping operations are a big cleanup, so please be patient as we work through all parts of town!


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