Featured Activities

Featured Activities



Learn to Run

Kids Track Club

Every Tuesday and Thursday (April 11-May 4) at Skeena Track

Learn the fundamentals of running through games, drills, sprints, relays and other activities. Emphasis is on having fun, celebrating movement, team building, learning mindset techniques that apply to all sports, and exploring personal bests. Older children will also be introduced to racing and the basics of healthy competition. This program is guaranteed to keep their hearts happy and legs moving!

Kids Track Club with Rise Athletic Development 5 - 8 yrs

Kids Track Club with Rise Athletic Development 8-13 year old

Girls Track Club with Rise Athletic Development 8 - 13

Teen/Adult Track Club

Every Saturday (April 15-May 6) at Skeena Track

Teen/Adult Track Club with Rise Athletic Development

This is a friendly and welcoming all-levels program designed for teens and adults who are either wanting to learn to run, return to running, or improving technique and speed. Participants will warm up as a group and then be given a structured run to complete based on current skill level, followed by a group cool down.
This program is led by a professional running coach and is highly catered to individual needs with the motivation and enjoyment benefit of training in a group.