Public Works

The City’s Public Works Department is responsible for roads,  water, sewer and storm services, solid waste collection (garbage, recycling and compost) landfill, City buildings, purchase of any city vehicle or equipment, vehicle fleet insurance, snow removal, street signs, street lights, City’s infrastructure construction or reconstruction projects, engineering, water supply, treatment and distribution, and wastewater collection and treatment.  

Public Works Departments


The Roads department is responsible for:

  • Maintenance of roads, boulevard, sidewalk, fire hydrant.
  • Installation and maintenance of water, sewer, and storm lateral services.
  • Collection of residential garbage, recycling and yard waste.
  • Snow removal from City's roads/street, sidewalk, boulevard and right-of-way.



The Engineering department is responsible for:

  • Prepare designs, specifications, and cost estimates for City infrastructure construction and reconstruction projects
  • Prepare tender and contract documents, and the administration of contract work
  • Assist with the supervision of capital project construction including co-ordination of hired equipment, and materials
  • Prepare reports as required on all aspects of Development Services functions
  • Assist in the preparation of short and long-term plans to ensure integrity of the City's infrastructure
  • Approves any permit to construct work within the right-of-way of City of Terrace.


Department Contact

Public Works Department

Mon - Fri: 8:30 am-4:30 pm
5003 Graham Avenue, Terrace, BC V8G 1B3
Phone: 250.615.4021
After hours: 250.638.4744
Fax: 250.635.3467
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