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Joint Accessibility Advisory Committee

In 2023, the City of Terrace (CoT) invited the participation of several public sector organizations (partners) from our region to inform the accessibility planning exercise that we are working on as required by the Accessible British Columbia Act.

The CoT and the Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine (RDKS) put out a call to the public for advisory members (advisors). Advisory membership strives to include and consult with persons with disabilities and the organizations that support them to understand the accessibility needs. The committee also invites participation of members that identify as Indigenous. Together this group of partners and advisors form the Joint Accessibility Advisory Committee (JAAC).

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Accessibility Committee Terms of Reference


Accessibility Plan

The City of Terrace’s Accessibility Plan is a result of legislation (law) that was introduced in 2021, called the Accessible British Columbia Act. This law helps to identify, remove, and prevent barriers that make it difficult for people living with disabilities in our province. The goal of this new law is to make British Columbia more accessible for everyone.

Our Joint Accessibility Advisory Committee chose to focus on “Information and Communications” as our first area of focus. This standard looks at the barriers that people face when they interact with others, signage, printed materials, or technology like websites and documents.

Commitment Statement

The City of Terrace is committed to identifying, removing, and preventing barriers across its services, programs, communications and engagement, and infrastructure to benefit the community in a way that respects the dignity and independence of disabled persons.

The City of Terrace values the contributions from all people and believes diversity strengthens our community. The City of Terrace recognizes the essential knowledge and perspectives of people with lived experience of disability and commits to making sure those voices are part of community planning.

The City of Terrace will work to ensure staff and Council are aware of their roles in supporting accessibility for people living with disabilities and will support positive community attitudes and practices to improve accessibility.

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The City of Terrace Accessibility Plan - Phase 1 (2023) is ready for review.

View the Accessibility Plan

Printed copies are also available at City Hall, 3215 Eby St, Terrace, BC. If you want a standard or accessible version of this document, you can request it for free from the Administration Department at 250-638-4712 or

Provide Your Feedback

The City of Terrace and JAAC are currently seeking feedback on Phase 1 of the City of Terrace Accessibility Plan.

To provide feedback, you can:

  • Click the link below to provide feedback online. There is no signup required to provide feedback, but should you wish to stay connected on this and other City of Terrace projects, we encourage you to complete the one-time signup for Engage Terrace before filling out the online form.
  • Visit City Hall to pick up a printed version and comment form (click here to download a copy).
  • Email us at with your comments (use this comment form if desired).
  • Provide written comments by mail or in person to City Hall at 3215 Eby St, Terrace, BC V8G 2X8
  • Call us at 250-638-4712 to discuss other options for providing feedback.