Building & Licencing

Building & Licencing

Building Inspection

The Building Inspection Department handles all applications for building and plumbing permits, sign permits, moving permits, or demolition permits.

Digital Submission – CloudPermit

We accept digital copies of building permit applications through Cloudpermit. Register and log in to get started.

Apply for a Building/Plumbing Permit

Request an Inspection

Alternatively, you may submit via paper copies. Please be aware that paper copies require additional processing time, and projects without a CloudPermit account will have limited user service. To proceed, please download the PDFs below.


New single-family dwelling additional information and attachments

Business Licencing

The Business Licencing Department handles all business licence inquiries and processes applications for business licences as they are submitted.

Development Cost Charges Bylaw

The City of Terrace has implemented a development cost charges (DCC) bylaw. Regulated through the Local Government Act, DCCs are fees collected from developers to help fund the cost of growth-related infrastructure and parks. The DCC bylaw was adopted at the December 13, 2021, Council meeting.

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