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Ferry Island Campground

Now Accepting Reservations
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Aaron Whitfield, Red Bike Media
Photo caption/credit: 
Aaron Whitfield, Red Bike Media
Photo caption/credit: 
Aaron Whitfield, Red Bike Media
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Steve Rogers

NEWS - June 24, 2021:

Hey, Ferry Island trail users!

You may have noticed that trails are a little rough around the edges. Our trail work enhancement project is NOT yet complete! We are currently dealing with a supply issue for the finishing gravels necessary to “cap” the trails. The surface will remain a little rough until we can access these gravels. Thanks for your patience as we work to improve the trails.

Ferry Island Campground is a municipal campground composed of 103 campsites and conveniently located 3.5 km from downtown Terrace. This campground is surrounded by a 150-acre park that includes trails, a children's playground, and unique tree carvings!  

Visitors to the Ferry Island pond are asked to respect the fragility of the creatures that are living there. Please do not handle or remove any of our resident tadpoles, frogs, or snakes. 

Location - 4301 Highway 16 West


Campground Status

The Ferry Island campground is currently accepting reservations for BC residents only. You will need to confirm you are a BC resident upon booking.

The campground opened April 30, 2021.



Make a Reservation

Reservations require 1 night advance payment with the understanding that failure to show on night 1 will mean campsite can be reassigned by 2 pm the following day if there has been no contact with the Caretaker to confirm arrangements.

Long weekend reservations require advance payment in full.

Please note there are no refunds.

Important notice: Provincial Health Officer (PHO) guidelines for gatherings may change between the time of booking and the scheduled arrival date. All camping parties MUST meet current PHO guidelines for gatherings, even if those numbers are less than Ferry Island’s maximum site allowance.

Additional requirements:

  • The person reserving the site must be planning to camp—reserving sites for others will not be permitted.
  • Identification will be required on arrival. Anyone showing up without identification will not be allowed to camp.
  • Registration will take place outdoors by debit or cash only.
  • Outdoor gatherings of up to 10 people are permitted, as per the latest public health orders, as long as it’s the same 10 people each time (ie: you are permitted a 10-person, outdoors-only bubble).

Caretaker - Shanon Young

Dogs at Ferry Island

Did someone say “walk”? While we love having dogs visit Ferry Island and get the chance to walk off-leash, please be aware that dogs may only be off-leash south of the Hydro line. Dogs must be on-leash in the campground and play area. Enforcement is in effect for the safety of all park users, as well as staff doing maintenance work in these areas. See the trails map for details on off-leash areas (shown with diagonal lines).

Remember to clean up after your pet (also an enforceable offence) while exploring Ferry Island.

Thanks for your co-operation!


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