Climate Action Fund

Climate Action Fund

Climate Action Fund

The City’s Climate Action Fund is intended to fulfill the spirit of the City’s commitment to the provincial Climate Action Charter, by setting aside funding for climate action projects that reduce emissions and increase community climate resilience. Since 2007 the City has set aside funding and has applied for several grants for community wide programming that help promote sustainability and achieve climate action projects. Such as City of Terrace Climate Change Adaptation Plan, Agricultural Plan, and the Kitsumkalum River Monitor Station to name a few.

Local Government Climate Action Program (LGCAP)

A commitment made by the Province is to provide local governments with predictable, annual and long-term funding for actions aligned with provincial climate objectives.

The City of Terrace is eligible to receive $121,080 in annual funding to support the implementation of local climate action to help BC reach legislated climate targets and achieve provincial climate goals outlined in the CleanBC Roadmap to 2030 and the Climate Preparedness and Adaptation Strategy. 

The Climate Action Fund supports the City's continued climate action commitment and ensures committed funding for local carbon reduction projects. The fund contributes to local economic and social sustainability while achieving the environmental goals of reducing our community’s contribution to global climate change.

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