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Participate in Public Council Meetings

All meetings are open to the public unless closed pursuant to the Community Charter.

In accordance with the most recent Provincial Health Officer Order regarding gatherings and public events, the public is currently not permitted to attend Council Meetings, Public Hearings, or Committee of the Whole meetings. However, according to the Guidance for Open Meetings and Electronic Meetings under Current PHO Orders and Ministerial Order 192, local governments are encouraged to hold electronic Council meetings and public hearings. The City of Terrace will be holding our meetings electronically until further notice from the Provincial Health Officer.

Council will continue to meet in a combination of in-person and virtually to limit the number of people in Council Chambers.

Upcoming Public Meetings and Hearings


Date + TimeMeeting Type/TopicAgenda and/or Supporting LinksWatch for Observation OnlyJoin Teams by Desktop Computer or Mobile DeviceJoin Teams by Regular Phone Call

January 25, 2021

Regular Council MeetingAgenda coming soon

Watch through our website

Watch through our Facebook page

Link coming soon.Number coming soon.




Ways to Participate

Members of the public can participate by submitting a written submission to Council, electronically via Microsoft Teams, or by telephone via Microsoft Teams. 

Written Submissions

Please send written submissions to or send mail or drop off a letter in person to 3215 Eby St, Terrace, BC V8G 2X8.

Written submissions in response to a Public Hearing form part of the public record and will be forwarded to the Development Services department.

Electronic Participation

Meetings are held virtually using the Microsoft Teams platform. Microsoft Teams can be accessed through a computer or mobile device.

Option 1: Livestream Viewing – Observation Only:

Option 2: Join via Microsoft Teams – For Providing Comment:

To join the meeting, please click the link listed at the top of this page for the meeting you wish to join, or copy and paste it into your browser. You do NOT need a Teams account to join the meeting as a guest.

  • Please click the relevant link at the top of the page several minutes in advance of the meeting to be sure you are ready when the meeting begins.
  • On joining the meeting, you will go into the “Waiting Room” and an administrator will let you in.
  • To get on the speakers list, use the “Raise hand” button when prompted. The moderator will let you know when it is your turn to speak.
  • Please see the detailed instructions below for additional information. 

Detailed instructions (for PCs or mobile devices - note that Microsoft Teams on Apple products may look slightly different or offer slightly different functionality)

Click here for detailed instructions on Microsoft Teams participation

Further learning: 

Microsoft's Teams Video Training

View our PowerPoint from the Jan 6, 2021, Try Microsoft Teams meeting


Telephone Participation

From a landline or mobile phone, you can join the meeting by calling the number listed at the top of this page for the meeting you wish to join, then enter the meeting access code, which is also listed above.

When you arrive, you will automatically be muted.

All phone participants will be automatically added to the speakers list, so when your phone number is called out, you can confirm if you would like to speak or not. Press * 6 to unmute yourself.

Detailed instructions

Click here for detailed instructions on Microsoft Teams participation

In-Person Participation

DECEMBER 2, 2020, UPDATE: Due to the latest Public Health Order, the option for in-person participation for public meetings is not currently available.

The December 2, 2020, Public Health Order on Gatherings and Events repeals the Order of November 10, 2020, and imposes more stringent prohibitions including in-person attendance at council and board meetings, hearings, committee meetings, open houses, and other in-person meetings.

REMINDER: If you wish to watch only and not participate, any meeting can be watched without joining the meeting. 


How to Have Your Say

Speaking at a Public Hearing

Thank you for your interest—Council welcomes your participation. The purpose of a Public Hearing is for Council to receive comments from the public, either in person (electronically) or in writing, regarding a Zoning Bylaw or Official Community Plan Bylaw amendment.

Hearings generally take place at 7:00 pm on the date of a Council Meeting; however, this is adjusted to allow for more time when more public input is anticipated on the hearing’s topic. Notification requirements for a Public Hearing include two newspaper advertisements, information on the City of Terrace website, and provision of information to affected property owners. 

To address Council electronically via the Microsoft Teams platform or by phone, please see the details provided above.

Public Participation Information

  • Speakers will be limited to three minutes per speaking opportunity. There will be an alert when 30 seconds are remaining.
  • It is recommended that those who attend in person (electronically) prepare a written submission that can be read aloud to the meeting.
  • No member of the public should feel discouraged, intimidated, or otherwise prevented from making their views known. Inappropriate or disrespectful language, outbursts, or criticisms aimed at individuals or groups will not be tolerated.
  • At the end of the hearing, the Mayor will call three times for any further speakers. There will be multiple opportunities to be heard.
  • In the event that there are still speakers wishing to address Council at the end of the evening (a time will be set), the Mayor will recess the meeting, to resume at a date and time announced at the hearing.

Speaking Tips:

  • Clearly state your name and residential address in order for your comments to be part of the public record. By participating, you are consenting to sharing this personal information. Anonymous comments and emails are not considered.
  • Ensure that comments are directed to Council. There is no opportunity to debate points of view expressed by other speakers.
  • Restrict your remarks to matters contained in the proposed bylaw. Be succinct—keep your comments clear and on topic.

Written Submissions:

Please send written submissions to or send mail or drop off a letter in person to 3215 Eby St, Terrace, BC V8G 2X8. Written submissions form part of the public record and will be forwarded to the Development Services department.

Following the Close of the Public Hearing:

Council may not receive submissions from the public following the close of the Hearing. Any questions or comments following the Hearing must be directed to staff. 

Following the Hearing, Council may consider Third Reading of the bylaw, or may decide to consider the bylaw at a future Council meeting.

Speaking at Regular Council Meetings
  • If you’re interested in being a delegation on a council agenda, please contact Ashley Poole at or 250-638-4724.
  • If, during a Council meeting, you wish to speak directly to Council during the Questions from the Media and Audience section at the end of a regular council meeting, you may do so. You will need to be watching the meeting through Microsoft Teams—see participation information above.

Watching Meetings or Reading Minutes Later

  • Regular council meeting livestreams are also archived on our website. Find past meeting videos here.
  • Find minutes from past meetings and agendas for future meetings here.



We will continue to review our open meeting procedures to ensure best efforts are continuing to be met. If you have any concerns or suggestions regarding open meeting procedures, you are invited to contact Alisa Thompson at or 250-638-4721.

We look forward to having you join us virtually!

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