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Environmentally Sensitive Area Strategy

In collaboration with Diamond Head Consulting

Environmentally Sensitive Area Strategy

The City of Terrace has been working on creating an Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESA) Strategy in collaboration with Diamond Head Consulting. The ESA strategy is intended to form a development permit area of our Official Community Plan (OCP) and provide guidelines to regulate development within ESAs. The City of Terrace has had an ESA Development Permit Area since 1998. However, the boundaries of this Development Permit Area and associated regulations were based on a 1998 study. Since then, Ferry Island and an additional 3,897 hectares of land located south of the Skeena River which includes the NW Regional Airport, have been added to Terrace's municipal boundaries. Natural processes, growth pressures, and development of outdoor recreation spaces have also impacted ESAs across Terrace. 

As part of the new strategy, old ESAs were re-assessed and remapped based on current significance and using modern environmental standards. Areas never previously assessed were also evaluated for their environmental significance.

Proposed Environmentally Sensitive Areas Strategy

Environmentally Sensitive Development Permit Area Boundaries

The strategy has received 1st and 2nd readings by Terrace City Council. The strategy is anticipated to be presented to Council for adoption on December 14, 2022.

For any questions about the strategy, please contact:

Jack Cherniawsky- Planner 2: (250) 615-4041 or