Sustainability is about the health of our planet and everything that depends on it to survive, today and in the future. The local and global issues that currently challenge our communities point to the need for an overarching sustainability-based approach to community planning. Planning for socially, culturally, economically and environmentally sustainable cities and towns is a major part of ensuring healthy residents and communities. This section of our website is intended to provide information on sustainability planning initiatives within our community as well as provide updates on what the City of Terrace is doing to move forward our own sustainability commitments.

Sustainability Planning and Policies

A community sustainability planning process was initiated in 2009 to help define a shared community vision and long range planning foundation and strategies for maintaining a healthy and vibrant city.

The following is a timeline that led to the creation of our “Terrace 2050: Sustainability Strategy”:

  • The Sustainability Committee members were appointed in May 2009
  • Over the course of 2009 the Sustainability Task Force initiated the Terrace 2050 Sustainability Strategy process which was guided by community input and discussions with a range of interest groups.
  • “Terrace 2050 – A Strategy for Sustainability” was completed in late 2009, included the following four sections:
    • Section 1: Introduction – includes relevant background, purpose and how the strategy was developed
    • Section 2: Sustainability Vision – includes goals and strategic directions
    • Section 3: Implementation – discusses the strategy in context of the Official Community Plan (OCP) review and other city projects
    • Section 4: Action Plan – specific timelines, targets and stewards are attached to the defined strategies.
  • Following the completion of “Terrace 2050 – A Strategy for Sustainability” the foundation was in place for members of the Sustainability Task Force to divide into working groups to examine specific priority areas.
  • The input from working groups combined with the Terrace 2050 Strategy became the foundation of our 2010-2011 Official Community Plan revision.

VIEW the Final Terrace 2050 Sustainability Strategy here.

Annual Greenhouse Gas Reporting

The City of Terrace completes the annual Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP) Public Report as required by the Province of BC.  The CARIP report summarizes actions taken yearly to reduce corporate and community-wide energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and reports on progress towards achieving carbon neutrality.

VIEW Public Report here.

City's Community Energy & Emissions Plan

The City of Terrace has completed the 2013 Community Energy & Emissions Plan.

View Public Report here.


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