Official Community Plan

Official Community Plan

Official Community Plan Update 2024-2025

Best practice is to update an Official Community PLan (OCP) approximately every 5 to 10 years. The City of Terrace completed its last OCP update in 2018. The City had scheduled an OCP update to be completed in 2024 but recent Provincial legislation changes will extend the OCP update process into 2025. The deadline for municipalities to complete their OCP update is December 31, 2025.

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What is an Official Community Plan?

The British Columbia Local Government Act states that every local government may adopt, by Bylaw, one or more Official Community Plans (OCPs) for designated areas within the municipality. The purpose of an OCP is to provide a statement of objectives and policies to guide community planning and land use management decisions within the area covered by the plan. 

An Official Community Plan is a long-term, high-level guiding document that supports land use management and defines a future vision for the development of a community. An OCP helps a community adapt to changes and challenges. 

An OCP states policies related to residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, and recreational land needs. It may also include policy statements concerning community aspects such as social well-being and enhancement of the natural environment, as well as other broad objectives for the benefit of the community. 

A local government is not bound to proceed with any specific project or initiative within an OCP. However, all other bylaws enacted and works undertaken must be consistent with this plan. 

An OCP is a living document and can be amended as required. During the lifespan of an adopted OCP, factors such as changes in population and the economy will influence when and to what extent the various community goals, objectives and policies are implemented. 

An OCP serves to guide a City Council in decision-making. It is a reference document for City staff as well as for community residents, regional partners, and anyone wishing to understand the vision and direction of the community. This OCP represents a key step in achieving the City of Terrace’s future vision for a vibrant and sustainable community.

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