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COVID-19 Procedures

Cemetery services are administered at the Sportsplex Administration Office located at 3320 Kalum Street. Effective immediately, cemetery services will be available by appointment only. Please contact Cemetery Administration by emailing or calling 250-615-3024.

Visit our cemeteries

Kitsumgallum Cemetery

101 Kalum Lake Road
Gate hours: 8 am–8 pm

Terrace Municipal Cemetery

238 Kalum Lake Road
Gate hours: 8 am–8 pm

Cemetery Markers

Memorial markers (headstones) require a permit and must be installed by the City caretaker. Memorial markers (headstones) must conform to specifications within the Bylaw; otherwise, they are considered above-ground ornamentation. 

Above-ground ornamentation requires a permit and must conform to specifications within the Bylaw. Above-ground ornamentation must be removed by the plot caretaker (person who has signed the maintenance agreement) between the months of November and April each year.

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