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Refuse and Recycling Collection Information:

Refuse, Recycling & Waste Management

When is my refuse/recycling pickup day?

See Collection Schedule for a map of routes and days. Carts must be out by 8:00 a.m. on your collection day. Carts must be at curbside, within 1 meter (3 feet) of the traveled portion of the road. Position cart with arrow pointing to center of road with at least 1 meter clearance around the cart. There is no garbage or recycling collection on statutory holidays. The missed pick up day will be collected on the date indicated on the collection calendar.

Curbside Refuse

one (1) cart per household every second week for residential garbage is being enforced. Should you have more refuse than will fit inside the City-issued cart, “garbage tags” can be purchased and attached to garbage bags. Each additional bag of garbage must have a City of Terrace Garbage Tag, plainly visible and securely attached, for it to be collected.  These "Garbage Tags" are available for $2.00 each at City Hall, Public Works and the Aquatic Centre.

Curbside Recycling

Alternating weeks with garbage collection, the City of Terrace offers curbside recycling pick up. Materials for recycling should be placed loose (not bagged) inside the blue, City-issued recycling cart. Should you have more materials than will fit inside the cart then the materials for recycling can be placed in a clear plastic bag at the curbside. Cardboard should be broken down and bundled no larger than 8" thick x 30" wide x 30" tall. There is no limit to the number of recycling bags that can be placed at curbside; however, the bags must be transparent. Please note that carts/bags containing unacceptable materials will be left at curbside.

Curbside Organics

Organics collections will be picked up weekly on the same day as garbage and recycling collection. Acceptable materials can be placed in the green organics collection cart provided to residential customers by the City. Compostable bags (only compostable bags) are recommended to help keep the containers clean, reduce odour, and limit animal attraction. Acceptable: vegetative matter, food processing waste, cooked or raw meat, fish, bones, garden waste, kitchen scraps and other organic wastes that can be composted, and includes food, tissues, paper towels, food soiled paper, waxed cardboard, leaves, grass, small twigs, chipped tree waste, tree branches less than 75 mm (3 inches) in diameter, and compostable structural wood waste. Not Acceptable: fecal matter, diapers, and plastics. Please see the curbside collection schedule for a detailed listing of materials acceptable in the organics collection.

Curbside Yard Waste

Yard waste will be picked up only on Mondays (Spring to Fall). Acceptable:  leaves, lawn clippings, garden trimmings, flowers, weeds, and small branches less than 12 mm (1/2 inch) in diameter and less than 1 metre (3 feet) in length Not Acceptable: organics such as cooked food, oil, meat, fish, bones, animal wastes, nor any household refuse. There is no bag limit on yard waste collection, but it must be in compostable paper bags for collection. Compostable paper bags are to be filled in such a way that they can be easily picked up by one person - maximum weight 22kgs (50lbs).

Recycling in the Greater Terrace Area

There are a number of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Depots available locally to assist you to recycle. EPR Depots list.


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