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FireSmart is a shared responsibility. It is about living in a fire-prone ecosystem and taking the necessary steps to protect your family, property, and community from wildfire.

Over time, FireSmart principles have shown that they are effective at reducing the risk related to losses in the most extreme wildfire conditions. With a few simple steps, you can contribute to increasing your property, neighbourhood, and community resiliency to wildfire.


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FireSmart Begins at Home


You and your neighbours can reduce wildfire hazards by following simple, preventative steps. Learn how wildfires spread, how the terrain may change this, and how FireSmart practices can help minimize damage.

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PreparedBC - Wildfires


Get prepared for a wildfire in British Columbia with the PreparedBC Wildfire Preparedness Guide!

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Guide to Landscaping

FireSmart Guide to Landscaping

Wildland fires are a natural part of most wildland ecosystems in Canada. An increasing number of homes are built in or on the boundary of these wildland areas—this is known as the wildland/urban interface. Homeowners building and living in the wildland/urban interface must take special precautions to protect their lives and property.


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Community Wildfire Protection Plan

The Community Wildfire Protection Plan was completed by Northwest Timberlands Ltd for the City of Terrace and the Regional District of Kitimat Stikine. The intent of the report was to:

  • Identify and map wildfire threat ratings for the wildland-urban interface;
  • Discuss and identify with community stakeholders measures that should be taken to mitigate those risks; and
  • Outline a plan of action to implement those measures.

The measures and actions identified in this plan can reduce the devastating effects of wildfire. Although the wildfire threat rating for the plan area has been determined to be moderate, there are critical conditions that do occur that will create high intensity, potentially devastating urban interface fires when properties and lives are at great risk. There are many examples throughout the province of large, intense fires that have occurred in the wildland-urban interface: the danger to lives and the damage caused have been significant.

It is the responsibility of local governments, the province, and the home owner to review the potential hazards and make changes that will reduce the effects of wildfires within the interface. There are many actions summarized in this plan that can be done to fire-proof our communities. They all begin with a proactive prevention program, planning and preparing for a fire occurence, and reducing hazards where they exist.

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