City of Terrace Prepares for Flood Level Peaks

Flooding News Release #5
Emergency Services
June 3, 2022

The City of Terrace is continuing with its flood preparations in advance of the projected flood level peaks over the next few days. The most recent CLEVER model, released on June 3, shows a slight increase in flood risk to 10-year predicted levels, with the potential for 20-year levels.

Critical city infrastructure in low-lying areas is currently being assessed and prepared for installation of Tiger Dams and gabion baskets, which the City received from Emergency Management BC (EMBC) this week. Staff will be monitoring these at-risk areas throughout the weekend and will be ready to scale up the response if needed.

Residents of at-risk areas can use the sandbagging stations listed below. The quality and moisture content of the sand available is clogging the sandbagging machine, acquired yesterday through EMBC. At this time, hand-filling the bags is more efficient, so the site at Keith Ave and Kenney St will now be a 24-hour hand-bagging station throughout the weekend. Check below for hours and locations of this and other local sandbagging stations available based on area of residence.

City of Terrace Sandbag Stations:

► Intended to be used by residents of the City of Terrace and RDKS in the following areas: Skeena Street, Graham Street, Braun’s Island, New Remo, North Terrace, and Kitsumkalum

Hand bagging:

  • Vacant log sort area at the northwest corner of Keith Ave and Kenney St
    Follow signed access off Keith Ave or Kenney St
    Available 24 hours/day, every day
  • City of Terrace Public Works yard
    5003 Graham Ave
    7:00 am–3:30 pm weekdays
    This location is equipped with burlap sandbags and piles of sand. Bring your own shovels.
    NOTES: Please drive slowly; the Public Works yard is busy with truck traffic related to general operations. Take only what you need.

Sandbag Station for Other Areas in the RDKS:

  • Sandbags and sand are available at the Thornhill Fire Department, 3128 Hwy 16 East, Thornhill, on a self-serve basis. Please bring your own shovels. There are also approximately 1,500–2,000 filled bags available for those unable to fill their own. This location may change to address areas of need as the high water event develops.

Sandbag Station for Kitsumkalum Residents:

  • The Kitsumkalum Emergency Management Team has activated its EOC and will be communicating any updates through its regular channels to residents. Kitsumkalum residents at risk of flooding can fill sandbags at the City of Terrace 24-hour fill station at Keith Ave and Kenney St, outlined above.

All information, updates, and resources will be provided at and shared through the City’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. Our next planned update will be on June 6.

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