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Emergency Preparedness in Terrace

Emergency Preparedness Week is May 1-7, 2022

Emergency Preparedness Week is an annual event that takes place in early May to encourage Canadians to take concrete actions to be better prepared to protect themselves and their families during emergencies.

Take a look below for a variety of resources from PreparedBC to help you be ready in the event of a flood, wildfire, earthquake, or other emergency situation.

General Preparedness

A home emergency plan is the singular document where the names of doctors, medications, emergency contacts, and even your utility providers are listed. It’s an outline of how your household will respond to a disaster of any kind. Keep a copy of it in your emergency kit for reference.

Download the PreparedBC Household Emergency Plan


Bonus: the Household Preparedness Guide is a supplement to the Household Emergency Plan and can help you identify hazards, make an emergency plan, and build an emergency kit.

Download the PreparedBC Household Preparedness Guide

Explore the full PreparedBC resource library here.

Flood Preparedness

Floods are common emergencies at all times of the year, but especially in the spring and early summer in our province. PreparedBC’s Flood Preparedness Guide can help you outline a plan before flooding takes place, stay informed and safe during a flood, and make a cleanup and recovery plan for after a flood is over.

Download the PreparedBC Flood Preparedness Guide

Explore the full PreparedBC resource library here.

Wildfire Preparedness

According to PreparedBC, there are more than 1,600 wildfires in BC each year. Their Wildfire Preparedness Guide can help you prepare your household, protect your property, and understand what to do if a wildfire is close to your community.

Download the PreparedBC Wildfire Preparedness Guide

Explore the full PreparedBC resource library here.

Earthquake and Tsunami Preparedness

PreparedBC has many resources, including a guide on earthquakes and tsunamis. While tsunamis may not be the top of the list of risks here in Terrace, earthquakes are more of a concern—and an average of 3,000 earthquakes are reported across our province every year.

Download the guide to learn how to prepare your home, build an earthquake kit, and protect yourself in the event of an earthquake.

Download the PreparedBC Earthquake & Tsunami Guide

Explore the full PreparedBC resource library here.

Pandemic Preparedness

Unlike short-term hazards such as earthquakes or floods, a pandemic can last much longer and impact the whole province. That makes preparation a little different.

Download the guide to learn how to prepare for future pandemics and remain prepared during the changing circumstances of the current pandemic.

Download the PreparedBC Pandemic Guide

Explore all our COVID-19 resources

Explore the full PreparedBC resource library here.

Other Preparedness Guides

In addition to the guides above, PreparedBC has additional preparedness guides on their website.

Explore all PreparedBC guides here

Circumstance-Specific Guides

Small Business Guide

If you’re a small business—and about 98% of businesses in BC are!–you’ll want to be prepared so your business can be up and running as soon as possible following any type of emergency or business disruption. This protects your investment AND the people you employ, so it’s vital that you’re ready.

Download the PreparedBC small business preparedness guide

Explore the full PreparedBC resource library here.

Tourism Operators Guide

During a disaster, a lot of services you rely on could be disrupted, and it could be weeks before travel routes, utilities, and essential services are restored. You and your staff will want to be ready to help your guests cope—and this guide is a great place to start!

Download the PreparedBC tourism operator guide

Explore the full PreparedBC resource library here.

Neighbourhood Guide

The Neighbourhood Preparedness Guide is a great resource that you can use to prepare those on your street: find out which neighbours have unique needs (like those who are elderly, those with small children, those with disabilities, and more), as well as which resources your neighbours might have (like who has construction or first-aid skills? Who has a generator or a chainsaw?).

Download the Neighbourhood Preparedness Guide to get started in your community

Explore the full PreparedBC resource library here.

People with Disabilities Guide

The Resources for People with Disabilities guide offers suggestions for preparedness for those who may have unique needs to consider during emergencies. It can also be helpful for seniors and others who may need to go above and beyond the “basics” when preparing for an emergency. Extra considerations could include:

  • Your ability to communicate may be restricted.
  • Your surroundings may change and look unfamiliar.
  • Your service animal or guide dog may be hurt or frightened.
  • Your health may be impacted by stress or confusion.

Find tips for preparing the home, preparing a personal support network, ensuring service animals are taken care of, and more in the People with Disabilities guide.

Download the People with Disabilities guide

Pets Guide

There are important members of your family that you don’t want to forget in an emergency: your pets!

Start by adding their name, breed, vaccination history, and photo to your emergency plan. Make sure your furry family members have a grab-and-go bag too! If you have to evacuate, they’ll need:

  • Food, water, and treats
  • Leash, harness, and carrier
  • Medications
  • Comfort items, like a special toy

Read the PreparedBC pet guide to learn more

Explore the full PreparedBC resource library here.

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