Virtual Open House (Now Closed)

Proposed Official Community Plan Amendments

Proposed Official Community Plan Amendments

Thank you for joining us virtually!

This open house is an opportunity to review and discuss proposed amendments to the Keith Estates Neighbourhood Concept Plan, an appendix of our Official Community Plan, prior to holding a public hearing.

  • There is an opportunity for leaving comments or questions on every panel.

  • If you have a specific question that you wish to discuss with staff, please contact the Planning Department at 250-615-4022 or

  • This virtual open house will be available between November 19 and December 31, 2020, at 11:59 pm.

What Is an Open House?

An open house is a chance for the public to discuss the proposed land use changes with staff, helping members of the public establish an informed opinion.

How to Take Part: Share your views on each panel through SurveyMonkey, or send us questions by contacting or calling 250-615-4022.

What Is a Public Hearing?

A public hearing is the formal opportunity for members of the public to state to Council their position for or against the bylaw amendments being considered. Read about the public hearing here.



We've heard a lot of feedback already from our Virtual Open House for the proposed Official Community Plan Bylaw amendments related to the proposed inland port. We've started to gather this feedback and organize the questions raised into common themes. From this data, we've developed a list of frequently asked questions and will continue to add to this list in the coming weeks.

What is a transload facility?

A transloading facility refers to a terminal that allows for cargo to be transferred from one mode of transportation to another. A truck-rail transloading facility can be designed accommodate any number of cargos, including dry bulk (e.g., grains, cement, etc.), liquid bulk (e.g., fuels, etc.), break bulk (e.g., lumber, steel, etc.), and project cargos. A transloading facility can also refer to a facility for stuffing and destuffing shipping containers and transferring them between truck and train.

Why are the OCP and Zoning Bylaw amendments going forward separately?

The OCP and Zoning Bylaw amendments were originally applied for together, but prior to the October 9, 2020, meeting, NSD Development/Progressive Ventures (the proponent) formally requested that the Zoning Bylaw amendments be delayed, and that the proposed OCP Bylaw amendments move forward independently of the Zoning Bylaw amendments.

This request was based on feedback from staff that the proponent’s initial request for M2 (Heavy Industrial) zoning for the northern portion of the site was not likely to be supported. M2 (Heavy Industrial) includes a range of uses that are not required as part of the proposed development and that staff did not feel were appropriate for the site.

The proponent acknowledged concern in moving ahead with their original Zoning Bylaw amendment application for M2 (Heavy Industrial) Zoning in light of public and staff feedback they had received, and they formally requested that their Zoning Bylaw application be delayed and other options be explored. Since then, staff and the proponent have determined that creating a new heavy industrial zone that only allows uses focused on transporting goods and materials would be the most appropriate approach for this application’s zoning amendments if the project is to proceed to that point. This new zone would appropriately capture the uses being requested by the proponent, while limiting the wide range of uses permitted under M2 (Heavy Industrial) Zoning.

Would this zoning amendment allow other heavy industrial uses besides a transloading facility to occur on the site?

No, the proposed approach to the Zoning Bylaw amendment is to create a new heavy industrial zone for the transloading facility on the northern portion of the site. This new zone would only allow heavy industrial uses that support the operations of a transloading facility. Other uses permitted in the M2 heavy industrial zone such as Manufacturing General (which the site’s previous sawmill would be classified as) would not be permitted on the site under this new zone.

What happens if the OCP Bylaw amendment passes and the Zoning Bylaw amendment fails?

The proposed transload facility needs to achieve appropriate zoning to proceed. If the OCP Bylaw Amendments pass and the Zoning Bylaw amendments fail, the project will not proceed as proposed.

Can housing no longer occur on the entire site if the amendments are passed?

If the OCP Bylaw Amendments pass, stand-alone multi-family land uses would be removed from the subject lands. Mixed use commercial development, which includes residential above commercial, could still be considered on some of the subject lands under the new land use direction.

Will businesses in Terrace be able to access the rail transportation at this site?

This question is better answered by NSD Development/Progressive Ventures (the proponent) on their FAQ sheet. The proponent has indicated that the transloading facility could be an opportunity to transport cargo and materials from Terrace’s local businesses onto rail and that there has been significant demand from local businesses to have access to a transload facility in Terrace.

View proponent FAQ

Will the two existing level railway crossings be busier with train traffic? Does CN have any projections of future rail traffic?

The Port of Prince Rupert is among the fastest growing ports in North America, and the train traffic originating and returning to Prince Rupert continues to increase, further impacting our level railway crossings in Terrace, especially for pedestrians and cyclists. However, NSD Development/Progressive Ventures (the proponent) is not projecting a significant increase to rail traffic as a direct result of their intended operations. They indicate their facility may reduce pressure on rail traffic and potentially reduce train blockages, as it would provide additional railyard space for transloading.

Will the potential offsite impacts (noise, light, etc) affect the hospital?

This project will create noise and light. If NSD Development/Progressive Ventures (the proponent) secures the OCP and Zoning Bylaw amendments required to proceed to construction of the transload facility, a Development Permit will be required prior to any construction. The Development Permit requirements will include a lighting plan to minimize any light impacts on adjacent properties.

Noise impacts are not expected to be significant, and the proponent has indicated minimal nighttime operations. If the project proceeds to full buildout, the perimeter building of the transload facility is intended to be designed as a buffer between the proposed development and adjacent properties.

Anticipated noise impacts are described by the proponent in their FAQ document.

Who will pay for industrial cleanup on the site?

This is a privately owned site and development. All onsite development costs including any site cleanup required is fully borne by NSD Development/Progressive Ventures (the proponent).

What were the results from the proponent’s July open house?

Results of the proponent’s open house, held in July 2020, can be found in the summary report.

When would construction on the site start?

There are many steps that NSD Development/Progressive Ventures (the proponent) needs to progress through prior to construction. First, this project needs to achieve Official Community Plan Bylaw amendments and Zoning Bylaw amendments (see questions 2 and 3 above).

Once appropriate zoning is in place, the proponent will still be required to obtain municipal Development Permits and Building Permits to be issued prior to beginning any construction. The proponent will also require various provincial permits.

The proponent has indicated they would intend to be begin construction of the facility in the summer of 2021 and be open in the summer 2022. However, as noted above, there are several steps that need to be achieved if the project receives Council’s approval.


The open house is now closed.


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