UPDATE: Icy Road Conditions Continue to Improve

UPDATE: Icy Road Conditions Continue to Improve

Public Works


Conditions are similar to yesterday, with icy streets and sidewalks still affecting drivers and pedestrians. Ice is continuing to break up, which has led to some bumpy driving conditions, but traction has improved significantly. Our busy roads crew has sanded all streets in the City once and they are currently being sanded again. Crew members are also busy chipping the ice off storm drains to rid of some of the larger puddles forming around town.

The plan:

  1. Finish sanding to assure good traction in all areas
  2. Plow out dead ends and cul de sacs
  3. Dispatch graders to begin ice blading

Please stay safe out there!


Questions? Reach out to Public Works at 250-615-4021 or visit our snow removal page.