Terrace Fire Department Rolls Out "After a Fire" Community Support Initiative

Terrace Fire Department Rolls Out "After a Fire" Community Support Initiative

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The Terrace Fire Department is introducing a new community support program titled "After a Fire," aimed at providing essential post-incident assistance and education to residents impacted by home fires. This proactive initiative underscores the Terrace Fire Department's commitment to not only respond to emergencies but also to support the community in recovery and prevention efforts.

 Key Components of the "After a Fire" Program:

  • Booklet and Checklist for Post-Fire Recovery: The department provides a detailed booklet and checklist to those displaced by home fires, outlining the steps to efficiently manage post-fire challenges.
  • Prompt Neighbourhood Outreach: Firefighters from the Terrace Fire Department will engage with the community within 24 hours of a residential fire to offer support and share valuable safety information.
  • Educational Insights on Fire Causes: Firefighters will provide residents with knowledge of how the recent fire started, empowering them with information to prevent future occurrences.
  • Dedicated Fire Safety Education: Fire safety is paramount, and the program will disseminate critical tips to help residents protect their homes and families.
  • Smoke Alarm Testing and Installation: The department will ensure that all homes have the opportunity to have smoke alarms tested and installed, fostering an environment where early fire detection is standard.
  • Comprehensive Fire Escape Planning: Understanding that every second counts, firefighters will assist households in developing effective fire escape plans.
  • Transparency in Fire Suppression Techniques: The program will also offer residents a better understanding of the strategies and techniques that Terrace Fire employs during fire suppression operations.

For additional details, please contact Fire Chief Chad Cooper at 250-638-4734.