Temporary Change to Collection of Some Recycle BC Materials

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November 22, 2021

Due to the unprecedented flooding event, Recycle BC has made a temporary change to the collection of some Recycle BC materials. Starting Monday, November 22, they are suspending collection of non-deposit glass bottles and jars and foam packaging (white and coloured) from Recycle BC depots, which includes Do Your Part Recycling Depot in Thornhill.

Please do not take these materials to the depot. Please note these items are also not permitted in curbside collection carts, so hang onto glass and styrofoam recycling until the depot is able to accept these items again.

From Recycle BC:

"With transportation corridors compromised due to road closures, and our primary glass end market currently under water, we cannot move glass from receiving facilities to our glass end markets. In addition, the flooding has affected the availability of trucks for hauling materials, further compounding these challenges.

"At this time, we will continue to collect and receive paper, cardboard, containers and soft plastics – materials that can be baled and stored at receiving facilities in a more compact manner. Managing materials responsibly continues to be a priority. We continue to will work with all partners to ensure they handle all materials as effectively as possible during this emergency.

"The situation is evolving rapidly, so we do not yet know how long this change will be required. We will provide updates as more information becomes available."

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