Lanfear Hill Now Open

Shoulder repairs and pinch point widening are complete
Public Works
August 23, 2021

Lanfear Hill is officially open after a three-week closure! We would like to extend a huge congratulations and thank you to the Public Works crew for a job well done.

The soil has been removed and the shoulder rebuilt with gabion baskets (wire cages filled with rocks) in the most eroded areas to provide a safer, wider walking path for pedestrians. Other less damaged areas have been replaced with compacted rockfill. All sections have been covered in new gravel fill for a smoother walking surface. In addition, the pinch point near the top of the hill has been widened by about half a metre to make it easier for large vehicles to pass one another.

Work remaining:

  • When the paving contractor is available, they will be patching damage to the asphalt road and curb due to construction and also paving the widened area near the lock block wall. At that point, the sandbags, which are temporarily placed to avoid erosion, will be removed.
  • Storm drain to replace along the bank
  • Placement of some soil and seeding over the exposed gabion baskets
  • General cleanup at the top and bottom where the lay-down areas were
  • We were not able to further widen the rock-filled section during the closure, which Council wanted to do and allocated an additional $25,000 for. We will re-visit this in the coming weeks. 
  • After the winter when the shoulder material has settled and snow clearing is over, we will be topping the gravel walkway once again with a high-fines surfacing aggregate.

You may notice traffic control as these remaining activities are underway. Please slow down and obey all traffic control when driving near construction.

We’re working on longer-term solutions for pedestrian and driver safety—stay tuned as this is not the end of the conversation on Lanfear Hill!

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