Fire Department 24-Hour Shift Pattern Trial

Fire Department 24-Hour Shift Pattern Trial

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The Terrace Fire Department is committed to continually improving the department's operations and service to the community. In line with this commitment, Terrace Fire has introduced a new shift pattern, which will undergo a three-year trial period. The change to the new shift pattern is carefully designed to be cost-neutral, ensuring that there is no impact on the department’s budget, public safety, or the level of services provided to the community.

Previous Shift Pattern: Two 10-hour day shifts followed by two 14-hour night shifts, culminating in a four-day rest period.

New Shift Pattern: One 24-hour shift, followed by a 24-hour break, another 24-hour shift, and then a five-day rest period.

We recognize that the concept of 24-hour shifts might raise concerns about productivity. However, this model has been successfully implemented and permanently adopted by numerous Canadian fire departments over the past 10-15 years. The 24-hour shift pattern has demonstrated benefits in enhancing work-life balance, reducing mental health claims, improving on-duty shift training, and providing more time for essential tasks such as fire safety inspections.

A dedicated steering committee will closely monitor the new shift pattern. This committee will rigorously evaluate the effectiveness and impact of these changes on our operations and personnel.