Engage Terrace Goes Live

Public engagement tool now available at engage.terrace.ca

Engage Terrace Goes Live

City Hall

The City of Terrace is pleased to launch its new public engagement tool, Engage Terrace, which is now live at engage.terrace.ca. Hosted through Bang the Table’s Engagement HQ platform, Engage Terrace allows community members to register for an account, then comment, ask questions, upload ideas, answer surveys and polls, and more.

The site is launching with three active projects:

  • Community Dialogue on the Downtown: Following the July 14 Community Dialogue on the Downtown virtual meeting on Microsoft Teams, the City is now providing additional ways to share written suggestions. Participants can provide short ideas that others can “Like” to show their support for them. They can also write longer posts in a forum tool that allows conversations to start amongst community members.
  • Citizen Satisfaction Survey: The Citizen Satisfaction Survey will help the City of Terrace understand the public’s priorities and opinions on the services the City provides, which will be used during the budget process. The survey takes about 5–10 minutes to complete and will be available until September 3. Those seeking a paper copy can pick one up at City Hall, Public Works, the Sportsplex, the Terrace & District Aquatic Centre, or the Terrace Public Library. The City will also be providing printed surveys and information on the online platform at the July 31 Farmers Market.
  • The Talk of Terrace photo contest: The City plans to start a new monthly email newsletter and is looking for fresh, new photos to use in the email banner. Community members are encouraged to submit a photo of what they’re most excited to get back to doing or seeing in and around Terrace now that the pandemic restrictions are lifting. Community members will be able to “Like” their favourites to help the City choose the winners. Winners will have their photos featured in the Talk of Terrace newsletter banners and can win additional prizes including City of Terrace swag and gift cards.

“I am so excited to see Engage Terrace launch. As we are keenly aware thanks to the pandemic, digital tools like this are an important complement to in-person events, and they can be a vital fallback when in-person events can’t be held. Engage Terrace also presents a wonderful opportunity to reach people who may not feel comfortable at in-person events or may not be able to attend due to mobility challenges, lack of transportation, or scheduling conflicts. I’m looking forward to seeing how this tool can be used to connect with community members in new ways and hear their ideas and opinions on how to make Terrace the best it can be,” said Mayor Carol Leclerc.

To explore Engage Terrace, visit https://engage.terrace.ca.

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