Child Care Needs Assessment

Surveys for Parents and Child Care Service Providers in Terrace
City Hall
November 6, 2019

Do you currently, or are you planning to, access child care services in your area? Do you provide child care services in Terrace and the surrounding region?

This is an opportunity for you to share your thoughts on the current and future child care needs of your city. Your responses will be kept confidential and will only be used to produce anonymous statistics.

Please include your contact information at the end of the survey if you are interested in being entered to win $100! Contact information will not be used for any other reason than to notify you of your prize.

Please note, information about child care in Terrace is being collected to assess the current state and estimate future child care needs in Terrace. For additional information, please contact Rebecca at Big River Analytics at or (647) 542 6354.

Survey closes Monday, November 25.

Find two versions of the survey in the link below: one for child care service providers, and one for parents, guardians, and soon-to-be parents:

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