Cemetery Notice - Please Remove Above-Ground Ornamentation

Above-ground ornamentation is not permitted November 1 to April 30
Leisure Services
October 7, 2021

According to City bylaws, all above-ground ornamentation must be removed from the Terrace Municipal Cemetery by November 1 for the winter months (through to April 30).

These need to be removed to ensure they are not damaged by snowfall or snow removal required for funerals that occur over the winter season. Putting up sticks with flags around any above-ground ornamentation is not allowed and will not guarantee against damage. The City of Terrace will not be held responsible for the damage of any above-ground ornamentation that is not removed from the cemetery by November 1. Signage containing this information is also onsite at the cemetery.

Thank-you for your cooperation in taking care of our cemetery and your loved ones.

For further reading, please see the Cemetery Regulating Bylaw.

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