Budget Process: Upcoming Schedule Changes

December 11, 2020


At the budget meeting on December 1, staff presented Council with information regarding the draft budget and proposed tax increase. Council provided valuable feedback to staff regarding many of the items under consideration. Staff is working to provide greater clarity to Council on these topics of discussion. This includes the important feedback you’re providing to us through our budget survey, which we will gather and present to Council. We do not want to rush this process, so we are taking more time before proceeding to the next steps.

Therefore, please note we will be postponing the Draft Budget Presentation in our budget process. Originally scheduled for next Wednesday, December 16, this meeting will now be held in early 2021. We anticipate mid-January, but the date will be confirmed soon.

As a result, our budget survey (which originally was set to close December 14), will now continue through December 31. THANK YOU to everyone who has submitted feedback so far—this information is so valuable to Council and staff and we look forward to sharing it with you soon.

If you haven’t checked out our budget survey, please do! You can also send feedback by mail or email. All the options are outlined at

Thanks for your participation!

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