April 9 COVID-19 Update from the City of Terrace

Role of our bylaw officers
City Hall
April 9, 2020

Mayor Carol Leclerc provides an update on how our RCMP and compliance and enforcement officers are involved with helping prevent the spread of COVID-19.


The Province recently enabled our compliance and enforcement officers to help with enforcement regarding public health orders. The City continues to support the Province in a coordinated approach in response to this pandemic, and we are putting our resources towards stemming the spread of COVID-19. This includes actively assisting with the public health Orders and what the Province expects of us.

Lately, we've heard that there is some confusion around what this all means: what is allowed, and what is not allowed, and what the City can do about it.

Not allowedAllowed

Events with 50+ people

Worksites, grocery stores, malls, food banks, or homeless shelters with 50+ people

Leaving your house before 14-day self-isolation is complete after returning home from outside of Canada

Getting family or friends to safely deliver you necessities when you're in self-isolation after returning

Operation of personal service establishments (hair salons, massage parlours, etc.)

Sale of gift cards for future use or any other remote service (instruction, etc.)

Operation of nightclubs and bars

No exception.

Sit-in service at restaurants

Delivery or takeout with specific social distancing instructions

Sale of anything other than essential foods or processed foods for takeout at farmers markets

Sale of essential foods (fruits/veggies) or processed foods (cooked etc.) for takeout


Our bylaw and RCMP officers are NOT empowered to:

  • Detain an individual as a result of a contravention or suspected contravention of a public health order
  • Exercise any authority to issue a fine or penalty in respect to public health orders

Our bylaw and RCMP officers ARE empowered to:

  • Issue information and advice to individuals
  • Stay vigilant towards facilities/businesses that should be closed
  • Help issue info/advice/warnings to encourage compliance
  • Monitor whether any businesses issued info/advice/warnings have complied (and contact the relevant health officer and provide information on non-compliance and actions taken, as part of the Province's graduated compliance approach)
  • Regular bylaw compliance and enforcement duties

If you see a business operating in a way that concerns you, we encourage you to speak to their management to understand how they are abiding by the orders and recommendations from the Provincial government. If after discussing with management, there is still a concern that the business is operating in contravention of a provincial order, please reach out to our Bylaw department by emailing or by calling 250-615-4037.

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