6 Things to Know About the Public Hearing

For the proposed OCP Bylaw amendments related to the proposed inland port
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January 14, 2021

Tonight—January 14—at 5:00 pm, we’re holding a public hearing for the proposed OCP Bylaw amendments related to the proposed inland port. Here are 6 things to know:

  1. To watch the meeting without providing comment, use our usual channels at and Comments on the Facebook page will NOT be considered part of the public record, and may not receive a response.
  2. To participate in the public hearing, join us through Microsoft Teams (online or by phone). Find everything you need at  
  3. To sign up in advance to be on the speakers list, please email klautens (at) terrace (dot) ca. You can also use the “raise hand” feature during the meeting to request to speak, so there’s no requirement to sign up in advance if you prefer not to.
  4. If joining the meeting as a speaker, we suggest you click the meeting link early. Those on a mobile device/tablet may need to download the Microsoft Teams app, then re-click the original link to connect. You do NOT need to register for a Microsoft account; simply join the meeting as a guest. Find all participation options and instructions on using Teams at
  5. Council received a report from staff on January 13. While Council has already seen most of the written feedback received as it came in, this report contains all letters received—this includes those received prior to the formal notification and engagement period (prior to Oct 26, 2020), and those received during the formal notification and consultation period (after Oct 26, 2020). The report also contains all feedback received through the Virtual Open House. Any feedback received after the publication of yesterday's report to Council will be distributed to Council when received and summarized at tonight's meeting. NEW: Click here to review the public hearing agenda, which includes the report to council. There is also a Public Hearing Addendum available now.
  6. Following tonight's public hearing, a special council meeting follows at 11:00 am on Friday, January 15, when Council will make a decision whether to approve the OCP changes. Council may not receive any further information or feedback following the close of Thursday’s meeting, which is the official close of the public hearing. You may observe this meeting through our usual channels at and

For more information:

We hope to see you tonight.

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