Time Restrictions for Sprinkling in Place

Starting Thursday, June 23, 2022

Time Restrictions for Sprinkling in Place

Public Works

Due to the current conditions and in anticipation of the upcoming hot and dry conditions in the forecast, we are now implementing time restrictions for water sprinkling. Sprinkling will now be permitted only from 6 am–9 am and 7 pm–10 pm and only on your designated days.

  • ODD numbered addresses – On ODD numbered days from 6 am–9 am and 7 pm–10 pm
  • EVEN numbered addresses – On EVEN numbered days from 6 am–9 am and 7 pm–10 pm
  • Hand sprinkling of flowers and shrubs with a controlled nozzle is allowed at any time.

These restrictions are required to ensure that adequate water supply is available for fire fighting purposes, and to keep the costs of delivering water to a minimum. As conditions warrant, further restrictions may be imposed if required, and these will be advertised. Please note under the City's Water Distribution and Sale Bylaw No. 1326-1993, violations may result in a minimum fine of $100.

The City thanks you for your assistance in the sensible and moderate use of water.

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