4th Annual Business Walk

The Business Walk will be conducted by volunteer “walkers”, consisting of teams of civic leaders and business support service providers. They will come to Terrace and Thornhill businesses and ask a few basic questions about doing business in the area. The questions are meant to keep the visit very conversational, and will take only take a few minutes of your valuable time as a business owner/manager. The visit is not intended as a membership drive or sales call, but rather a chance to establish a connection and identify issues as a means of helping businesses to remain strong and vibrant in our community.

We are hoping to see trends in the business climate of Terrace and area as we compile data collected from targeted business areas over time. We hope your honesty will provide us with valuable insight about how business support services can better serve your needs as a small business owner or manager.

​Businesses are selected at random and any of those who are unavailable in person will be contacted via a telephone interview in the days and week to follow.

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