Heritage Park Museum

Heritage Park Museum

4702 Kerby Avenue


General Information

Type of Resource: Municipal heritage site including several historic buildings
Also Known As: Heritage Park
Civic Address: 4702 Kerby Avenue
Legal Property Description: Lot 4, DL 837, Plan 965, Except Plans 1610, 10644 and 12584
Property Identifier: 014-089-815
Construction Date: 1983
Current Owner: City of Terrace
Community Heritage Register: Resolution No. 54-2006
Designated Municipal Heritage Site: Heritage Designation Bylaw No. 1516-1996

Historic Details

This recognition applies  to the land as well as the buildings, structures, garden, and physical landscape within the boundaries of Heritage Park Museum. Heritage Park Museum is located on 1.73 acres of municipal park lands. The structures at Heritage Park Museum include eight historic log buildings dating from 1910 through 1930, a large post and beam artefact storage shed, an open-fronted post and beam wagon shed, a replica school house, and a replica blacksmith shop. The museum property and its collection of historic log structures are designated as a municipal heritage site.

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Heritage Park Museum exhibits the pioneer past of the Terrace region. It is open to the public. Check website for hours.

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