Anti-Racism Policy

Anti-Racism Policy

The City of Terrace recognizes the diversity of our community and believes that all members of our community including, but not limited to, residents, elected officials, employees, volunteers, and visitors of colour and Indigenous peoples have the right to live, work, do business, and play in an environment that asserts and supports their fundamental rights, personal worth, and human dignity.

The City acknowledges and recognizes the existence in our community of racism in all its forms, including but not limited to cultural, environmental, institutional, systemic, and individual racism.

The City of Terrace is committed to breaking down barriers, deconstructing biases, and fostering and promoting an inclusive, respectful, and welcoming environment for all. The City acknowledges its role and responsibility in protecting every person’s right to be free from racial discrimination and racism.

The City of Terrace is further committed to respecting and upholding the vision and principles of British Columbia’s Human Rights Code and the implementation of the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

This policy is intended to demonstrate the City of Terrace’s commitment to conducting the day to day operations and governance in an anti-discriminatory and anti-racist manner and environment. The implementation of this policy is a public commitment that the City of Terrace will continue to make best efforts to ensure that all who work and interact with the City are able to do so in an environment and manner free of racism and racial discrimination.

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