Swimming Lessons

Transitioning from Red Cross to Lifesaving Society

Swimming Lessons

Registration opens September 26 at 5:00pm with in person or over the phone only. We will not be offering online registration for the first set of lessons due to the transition to Lifesaving Society.

Lessons will run October 3-November 3

Swimming lessons in Terrace will be transitioning from Canadian Red Cross to Lifesaving Society’s Swim for Life program starting this Fall. Swim for Life is a nationally recognized program that focuses on the acquisition and development of fundamental swim strokes and skills for learners of all ages and abilities. Swim for Life is designed to be accessible, flexible, success-oriented and fun, with lots of in-water practice in every lesson.

Please review the table below to determine what level your child should be registering in.

Red Cross

Lifesaving Society

Parent & Tot (4 months-3 years)


Parent & Tot 1


Parent & Tot 2

Sea Turtle

Parent & Tot 3

Preschool (3-5 years)

Sea Otter

Preschool 1

SalamanderPreschool 2
SunfishPreschool 3
CrocodilePreschool 4
WhalePreschool 5

Swimmer (5-12 years)

Swim Kids 1Swimmer 1
Swim Kids 2Swimmer 2
Swim Kids 3Swimmer 3
Swim Kids 4+5Swimmer 4
Swim Kids 6Swimmer 5
Swim Kids 7Swimmer 6
Swim Kids 8+9Canadian Swim Patrol
Swim Kids 10Bronze Star