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These are the City's commonly referred-to bylaws. For copies of bylaws not included here, please contact the City Clerk at 250-638-4721 or email

DISCLAIMER:  While we attempt to keep our online bylaws and maps as current as possible, if it is critical that the most current information is obtained, please verify with the City Clerk at 250-638-4721 or email

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Number Namesort ascending PDF
2069 Zoning Download
1972 Wood First Download
1952 Wood Burning Appliance Installation and Operation Download
1573 Water Frontage Tax Download
1326 Water Distribution & Sale Download
1827 Ticket Information Utilization Download
2227 Tax Rates Bylaw 2021 Download
1888 Tax Installment Payment Download
1313 Street and Traffic Download
2017 Standards of Maintenance Download
2130 Solid Waste Operations Bylaw Download
2102 Sign Bylaw Download
1574 Sewer Frontage Tax Download
1327 Sewer Connection and Rates Download
1373 Security Alarm Download
1709 Private Swimming Pool Download
2058 Planning Fees Download
1978 Pesticides for Non-Essential Purposes Download
1942 Parks and Public Places Download
2142 Official Community Plan Download
1318 Nuisance Download
2100-2016 Noise Control Download
2099-2016 Manufactured Home Park Download
1463 Highway Naming and Block Numbering Download
1722 Freedom of Information Download
1365 Fire Prevention Download
2221-2021 Financial Plan Bylaw 2021-2025 Download
1915 Emergency Program Download
2186 Downtown Revitalization Tax Exemption Program Download
1460 Development Permit Procedures Download
1876 Council Remuneration and Benefits Download
2095 Council Procedure Download
1953 Controlled Substance Property Remediation Download
1279 Cemeteries Regulating Download
1471 Campground Download
2112 Business Licence Download
2126 Business Improvement Area Download
1810 Building Regulations Download
1721 Board of Variance Download
2159 Animal Control Download
1702 All Terrain Vehicles Regulation Download
2122 Airport Revitalization Tax Exemption Download
1724 Access to Information and Fees and Charges Download
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